E859: Blue Seal Boiler Operator ($22 - 24/hr)

Blue Seal Boiler Operator

Chemical plant needs a temp-to-perm Blue Seal Boiler Operator for handling the maintenance and operation of their high pressure boilers.

Primary responsible operator on a shift for maintaining the plant boiler. Responsible for controlling the operation of the boilers and auxiliary equipment in a safe and efficient manner.

Supervise all aspects of the boiler operations during assigned shift.
Ensure the boiler is operated in a safe, efficient and economical manner.
Ensure reliable operational records are maintained and to document performance metrics for the plant.
Superior knowledge of the operating principles of equipment and machinery used in the plant.
Perform and evaluate water analysis tests and the proper treatment of boiler water.
Ability to read, interpret and adjust various instruments in the plant.
Ability to understand written and oral instructions and comply with directives.
Available to work shift or weekends as part of a normal rotation.

Rotating shifts:
1 week 1st shift, next week 2nd shift, 3rd week 3rd shift, then starts over again.

Position is temp-to-permanent.

o Possess at least a Blue Seal License
o 2+ years of experience in high pressure boiler operation and maintenance
o Demonstrate mechanical aptitude, proven ability to perform maintenance and repairs on industrial piping, and rotating equipment including operating a threading machine and ability to weld.
o Knowledge of plant controls, tools, equipment and proper procedures to maintain the plant and the ability to operate all the equipment and machinery in the boilerhouse.
o Ability to understand and execute written and oral instructions and relay those instructions to others
o Ability to communicate effectively with supervisors, other shift engineers and plant personnel.
o Must demonstrate initiative and be able to work with little supervision.
o Must be able to analyze plant operations and offer suggestions to improve operational efficiency.
o Must be able to perform and evaluate water analysis tests and determine the proper water treatment required for efficient boiler operation.
o Ability to read and interpret all the various instruments in the plant and make equipment adjustments as required.
o Must be able to lift a minimum of 50 pounds to shoulder level and exhibit the dexterity to work in awkward positions. The ability to lift, pull, push or work on uneven surfaces is required.
o Must be willing to work shift work and weekends when required

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